About Us


The mission of Centrobill is to increase your profits and fuel the growth of your business by providing you with convenient, progressive and effective processing tools, services and solutions.

About us

Centrobill is an international merchant processing portal that provides a variety of tools and services to online businesses worldwide by enabling and propelling their consumer transactions. With more than 25% of global transactions being placed online, it is certain that e-commerce is essential to support your business and satisfy your customers' needs. To compete in this space, you must be able to accept and process online transactions efficiently and effectively. Centrobill is your trusted partner. By integrating with us, your business will quickly be able to start accepting secure transactions.

Experienced, respected, licensed and knowledgeable, our team is widely regarded as the most innovative and forward thinking group in the international market. Our support team is available 24/7.

In our admin panel, you will find that we have several customizable options to aid in fraud prevention and risk evaluation, full transaction management, and so forth.

With Centrobill as your payment processor, your given the level of control that every merchant wants without the responsibility that having your own merchant account would entail. You can also count on full Customer Support services for all of your clients.

With advanced features like our GEO IP Locator, you control transactions and sales coming from different parts of the world separately even if your customers will present different types of payment such as credit cards, e-checks or bank debit systems. All of these are available to you with no extra charge.

As a Centrobill client, your business will become more profitable and highly dynamic with increased payment flexibility for your customers.